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The Statewide Mapping Advisory Committee (SMAC) and GIS Technical Advisory Committee (GIS TAC) are developing a series of documents that offer a set of recommended practices for developing and maintaining geospatial data.  In some cases, the best practices document will serve as a companion to a standard that has been adopted or endorsed by the GICC.  The documents do not endorse particular software solutions or commercial services.  The examples used to illustrate the concepts may be based on commonly used software among state and local GIS operations in North Carolina.

The purpose of these documents is to promote consistency in geospatial representation and data content to support regional analysis and planning, and statewide data sharing.  The guides provide a detailed resource for data development and management in support of a variety of business needs.  In practice, data managers may not use all of the recommended fields or may be inclined to add fields for jurisdiction-specific content.

Preservation and Long Term Access to Geospatial Data
Read about the efforts of the GICC to promote awareness of the importance of preserving data access for the long term and to develop tools to assist in this effort.  In 2011, the GeoMapp project released Key Findings and Best Practices.


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Feb '16 - 2015 Imagery Online
The 2015 orthoimagery is now available from the NC OneMap GeoSpatial Portal. Read on for all of the details. read more ...

July 2015 – NC Parcel Boundaries and Standardized Fields

Standardized parcel data for all 100 counties is now available as a map service, a feature service, or as downloadable data from the the NC OneMap Geospatial Portal.

 read more ...

May 2015 – Guidance for Acquisition of Oblique Aerial Imagery and Software System
A guide for local government GIS coordinators considering acquisition of oblique imagery is now available, developed by the Working Group for Orthophotography Planning. read more ...

February 2015 - 2014 Imagery Available

The 2014 orthoimagery is now available from the NC OneMap GeoSpatial Portal. Read the full article for all of the details.

 read more ...

January 2015 - Understanding Raster Imagery Compression

The GIS TAC has produced a document to guide and educate users on the compression of raster imagery.

 read more ...

December 2014 - Addresses Available From NC OneMap

With the recent completion of the update to the Master Address Data Set, the 2014 version is now available from the NC OneMap GeoSpatial Portal.

 read more ...