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The ad-hoc Metadata Committee was established by the Statewide Mapping Advisory Committee in August 2012. The purpose of the committee is to recommend ways to expand and improve geospatial metadata in North Carolina that are both efficient for the data producer and beneficial for data users in discovery and application of geospatial data. The committee is not a permanent standing committee of the SMAC, but rather an ad-hoc committee that will be dissolved when it completes its assigned tasks.See the Metadata Committee Charter for more information.

Creation and maintenance of geospatial metadata continues to be an area of concern at all levels of government. Among geospatial framework and other GICC priority datasets, only a portion are published with valid metadata records. Despite past metadata training and resources available on the NC OneMap website, a renewed effort is required to capture the potential benefits to data producers and users across the state.

Topics for the committee to address may include (but would not be limited to):

  • Return on investment for metadata creation and maintenance.
  • Incentives for metadata creation and maintenance.
  • Role of metadata as a data development project tracking tool.
  • Role of metadata in geospatial data archival process.
  • Best practices for integrating metadata creation into workflows.
  • Development of a State and Local Government Metadata Profile based on ISO metadata standards as a recommended standard for North Carolina (adopted by the Council)
  • Implementation of the new standard through outreach and training.
  • Metadata tool assessment and recommendation.

Scroll down to see meeting schedule and links to meeting notes.

If you have comments or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact the commmitee chair, committee members or the CGIA staff person.

The current Chair is Sarah Wray (919.707.2167), Spatial Data Manager, NCDOT
Past Chair is Steve Averett (336.373.2057), GIS Manager, City of Greensboro.
CGIA staff support is provided by David Giordano (919.754.6585).

Name Organization Phone Number
Steve Averett, Chair City of Greensboro 336-373-2057
Jeff Essic NC State University Libraries 910-515-5698
Bethany Georgoulias NC DENR 919-807-6372
David Giordano CGIA 919-754-6585
Don Kovasckitz Lee County and City of Sanford 919-718-4663
Tim Mulrooney NC Central University 919-530-6575
Doug Newcomb US Fish & Wildlife Service 919-856-4520, x14
Rachel Trent NC Division of Archives & Records 919-807-7356
Carter Vickery Wake County 919-856-6212
Lynda Wayne GeoMaxim and FGDC 828-254-4134
Sarah Wray NC DOT 919-707-2167

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1/28/20139:30 AMTriangle J COG, 4703 Emperor Blvd., Suite 110, Durham 
4/23/20139:30 AMTriangle J COG, 4703 Emperor Blvd., Suite 110, DurhamDownload [pdf]
5/29/20139:30 AMTriangle J COG, 4703 Emperor Blvd., Suite 110, DurhamDownload [pdf]

 2012 Meetings Minimize
9/12/20129:30 AMTriangle J COG, 4703 Emperor Blvd., Suite 110, Durham 
10/9/20129:30 AMTriangle J COG, 4703 Emperor Blvd., Suite 110, Durham 
11/16/20129:30 AMTriangle J COG, 4703 Emperor Blvd., Suite 110, Durham 

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July 2015 – NC Parcel Boundaries and Standardized Fields

Standardized parcel data for all 100 counties is now available as a map service, a feature service, or as downloadable data from the the NC OneMap Geospatial Portal.

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May 2015 – Guidance for Acquisition of Oblique Aerial Imagery and Software System
A guide for local government GIS coordinators considering acquisition of oblique imagery is now available, developed by the Working Group for Orthophotography Planning. read more ...

February 2015 - 2014 Imagery Available

The 2014 orthoimagery is now available from the NC OneMap GeoSpatial Portal. Read the full article for all of the details.

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January 2015 - Understanding Raster Imagery Compression

The GIS TAC has produced a document to guide and educate users on the compression of raster imagery.

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December 2014 - Addresses Available From NC OneMap

With the recent completion of the update to the Master Address Data Set, the 2014 version is now available from the NC OneMap GeoSpatial Portal.

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