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The purpose of the Local Government Committee (LGC) is:
  1. To advise the GICC on issues, problems, and opportunities relating to GIS within local governments in North Carolina.
  2. To inform local government users of geographic information about the status of GIS activities in the state, GIS efforts in state government, and the actions of the GICC.

If there are issues or concerns that you would like the LGC to address, please contact the Chair.

The Chair is elected by the members of the LGC. The Chair is Kat Clifton (704.633.2231).
Staff support is provided by Jeff Brown (919.754.6584).

Current Issues

  1. Archival and Long Term Access to Geospatial Data.  The LGC will work with State Archives to explore implementation of the recommendations.
  2. Surveyors’ Model Law Working Group.  In 2009 the Local Government Committee submitted several questions to the NC Geographic Information Coordinating Council about aspects of Surveyor’s Law regarding the collection of GIS data by local governments and Councils of Government.  The LGC is happy to announce that the NC Attorney General’s Office recently issued two advisory opinions that clarify the issues.  See the announcement at the link.
  3. Working Group for Roads and Transportation.  The LGC encourages local governments to upload street centerline data to NC Street Map and allow that data to be downloaded for free through NC OneMap.

ESRI Master Purchase Agreement

The NC Office of Information Technology Services signed an Enterprise License Agreement with ESRI in July 2010.  It includes a Master Purchase Agreement for local governments.  The term of the agreement is for five years.  For details, see here.

LGC Alerts
When the local government GIS community needs to be informed about a hot topic, LGC member organizations sends an LGC Alert to their respective list serves.
See the LGC Alert list for current topics and issues.

LGC Advisory Team
In 2005, the LGC established the GIS Advisory Team whose members provide recommendations and technical guidance to the LGC regarding issues of concern to the local government GIS community.  The “A Team” serves as a primary link between the LGC and the GIS community.  See the A-Team Members.

Associations Represented on the LGC
The LGC is comprised of a single representative from each of the following organizations:
  • Association of Regional Council Executive Directors (ARCED)
  • Carolina Chapter of the Urban and Regional Information Systems Association (CURISA)
  • NC Association of County Commissioners (NCACC)
  • NC Chapter of the American Planning Association (APA-NC)
  • NC League of Municipalities (NCLM)
  • NC Local Government Information Systems Association (NCLGISA)
  • NC Property Mappers Association (NCPMA)

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2/19/20142:00 PMConference CallDownload [pdf]
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5/28/20142:00 PMConference CallDownload [pdf]
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8/20/20142:00 PMConference CallDownload [pdf]
12/3/20142:00 PMConference Call  

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3/6/20133:00 PMConference CallDownload [pdf]
Download [pdf]Download
5/22/20132:00 AMConference CallDownload [pdf]
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8/28/20132:00 PMConference CallDownload [pdf]
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12/4/21032:00 PMConference CallDownload [pdf]
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June 2014 - NC Parcels Project Final Technical Report

The final technical report marks the successful completion of the NC Cadastral Data Exchange project. The report has been completed and is now available. 

 read more ...

June 2014 - Parcels Now Online
Standardized parcel data for 25 counties is now available as a map service, a feature service, or as downloadable data. Visit the NC OneMap Geospatial Portal.  read more ...

June 2014 - Geoportal Adds NCDOT Web Services
More than 40 new web services from NC Department of Transportation, including rail lines and road characteristics, are discoverable through the NC OneMap Geospatial Portal. read more ...

Feb 2014 - GICC Newsletter Published

The use of statewide data in local government has been showcased in the first edition of the new GICC newsletter.

 read more ...

Feb 2014 - 2013 Imagery Online
The imagery for 25 counties in the Eastern Piedmont region is now available as a region-wide image service and for download in areas of interest. Visit the NC OneMap Geospatial Portal or watch the video to see a demo of how to access the new imagery.
 read more ...

Feb 2014 - Geospatial Portal Adds Data

The NC OneMap Geospatial Portal added more content in 2013. Watch the video to see a demo of the features or visit the geospatial portal and check it out for yourself.

 read more ...